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Standard Scales & Services specialises in weighbridges. We supply, install, test and certify new weighbridges. We ensure that your new weighbridge continues to operate in top working order. Our service expertise extends to all makes and models.

Weighbridge Servicing Weighbridge servicing is what we do better than most; ask us for a quotation; you won’t be disappointed
Above Ground Weighbridges Most common weighbridge; least expensive; easy to install; easy to re-install in new site; concrete ramps required.
In Ground Weighbridge Installed when space on site is at a premium; weighbridge platform at ground level; involves construction of a full pit.
Open Sided Weighbridge Weighbridge platform at ground level; constructed in shallow pit with open sides for side access; no ramps required.
Multi Deck Weighbridges More expensive because of more load cells and digital indicators; provides axle weights so that trucks are not overloaded.
Portable Weighbridges All steel construction designed for easy installation and easy moving; some concreting works are needed.
Axle Weighers All steel construction installed in a shallow pit; used by transport companies to obtain axle groupings.
Weighbridge Concreting Works We employ experienced sub-contractors to carry out the concreting works involved with new weighbridges.
Weighbridge Accessories The full range of weighbridge accessories we supply include remote displays, ticket printers, driver control stations...

Weighbridge Servicing

Our skilled team of weighbridge technicians provides the highest level of service and customer support. We provide a calibration, testing and breakdown service that is available 24 hours 7 days a week. Our expertise extends to all makes and models. Our everyday work is carried out in Sydney. We visit our customers in the Central West, North West, North Coast, South Coast, Canberra, Newcastle and Wollongong often for a week at a time, which ensures that our prices are reasonable when working in your area.

Above Ground Weighbridges

The weighbridge platform sits on load cells which are installed at ground level. Concrete ramps are needed for trucks to drive up and onto the weighbridge platform. This is the easiest weighbridge to clean and maintain. There is no weighbridge pit which means no build up of debris in pit and no confined space. This is the cheapest option because of a saving in concreting costs. This is the easiest weighbridge to relocate to a new site. Simply load the platform onto a truck and retrieve the load cells.

In Ground Weighbridges

In ground weighbridges are installed when space is at a premium. A full pit is constructed and the platform is installed at ground level. No ramps are required. The weighbridge pit is more difficult to clean than an above ground design. Access to the pit is through hatches. The confined space means special safety requirements. Concreting costs are more expensive than an above ground design because of the construction of the full pit. Concrete kerbs provide guidance for trucks as they approach the weighbridge. The weighbridge may be constructed without kerbs where there is restricted access for trucks to exit the weighbridge.

Open Sided Weighbridges

Open sided weighbridges are installed at ground level with no need for ramps. A shallow concrete pit is constructed with a 1m clear space down both sides of the platform for service access and for cleaning. Open sided weighbridges are more expensive than above ground weighbridges because of additional concreting works. They are an alternative to in ground weighbridges, with cheaper concreting works and no confined spaces issues.

Multi Deck Weighbridges

Multi deck weighbridges are connected to a digital indicator for each platform and to a total weight indicator. Two, three or four platforms end-on-end allow trucks to be weighed in one transaction, with weights for each axle grouping helping to ensure that trucks are not overloaded. State of the art technology for multi deck weighbridge systems include software, driver control stations, truck identification systems, remote displays, traffic control systems.

Portable Weighbridges

Portable weighbridges are all steel construction and involve some concreting works. They are mostly used in the quarrying industry and are designed for easy relocation. They are expensive, particularly where semi-trailer size weighbridges are needed. Above ground weighbridges are usually the preferred option.

Axle Weigh

Axle weighers are all steel construction and are installed in shallow concrete pits. They are mostly used by transport companies to check axle groupings to ensure that trucks are not overloaded. They are often linked to remote displays and ticket printers to provide a record of the axle groupings and total weight. Long level concrete approaches are needed to assist with accurate weights.

Weighbridge Concreting Works

Most new weighbridges include a steel deck frame with reinforced concrete in-fill and concrete foundations, approaches and ramps. Approximately 40-50% of the total cost is in the concreting works. These site works are critical to the quality of the new weighbridge. We employ skilled and experienced contractors to carry out the concreting works.

Weighbridge Accessories

Weighbridges are often set up with accessories that control the truck weighing process. Weighbridge accessories include: remote displays, ticket printers, computer hardware and software, driver control stations, truck identification systems, boom gates, traffic lights. These accessories are not mandatory. A weighbridge digital indicator displays the weight. That is the minimum requirement.

As well as Weighbridges, we also offer Platform Scales, Axle Weighers and Bench Scales